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5 Ways to Stop Being Busy and Start Being Effective

We all are too busy. There is no doubt about that. Thanks to internet and smart phones, everybody is available all the time.

However, did you ever notice that the people who constantly mention that they are very busy are (more...)

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Advice College Admissions Officers Give Their Own Kids

While most parents find the college process stressful and bewildering, we interviewed some who have a unique perspective: admissions officers who are also the parents of teenagers and college students themselves. They know that while parents can’t control where their (more...)

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9 Indispensable Money-Saving Tips for Moms

Frugal moms know that a family doesn’t have to spend a lot to live well. Even with violin practice to pay for, new clothes to budget in and widely attended birthday parties to throw, moms can keep finances in order with (more...)

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5 Things Your Car Salesperson Isn’t Telling You

1. The dealer invoice price is a sham. The figure a salesperson quotes you is used to set an inflated starting point for negotiations, according to vehicle buying expert Viraf Baliwalla. “A manufacturer generates two levels of invoice for the (more...)

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How to Trick Yourself Into Spending Less

We all know that spending less and saving more money are things that weshould do, but the “do” part is often what gets in the way. When you’ve got a full-time job, a family, and a social life to tend (more...)

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The 10 Trendiest U.S. Cities That You Can Still Afford to Buy In

How do you know when a New York City hipster mecca is over? When the median home price is $1,275,000, a one-bedroom rental runs $3,300 (or way more), and tourists clog the streets like water bugs in a pre-gentrified tenement. So what’s a (more...)

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Achieving Financial Freedom: How Well Do You Know Yourself?

A large part of success is in knowing yourself. This is true whether you are starting a relationship, or whether you are working towards a financially stress free life. If you want to create success in personal finance, then you (more...)

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Let These Apps Do Your Grocery Shopping

The birth of the smartphone didn’t fundamentally change the traditional way of grocery shopping yet, but the device definitely altered the way some people browse and find deals. Many grocers adapted their rewards program to accommodate the new technology. and (more...)

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