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Schools Aren’t Teaching Students What They Need to Know

We asked prominent voices in education—from policy makers and teachers to activists and parents—to look beyond laws, politics, and funding and imagine a utopian system of learning. They went back to the drawing board—and the chalkboard—to build an educational Garden (more...)

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Inside the Online School That Could Radically Change How Kids Learn Everywhere

EMILY DUGGAN, 16, spends most afternoons at a dance studio tucked behind a shopping plaza near her home in Exeter, New Hampshire. Blond and doe-eyed, Duggan has been dancing since she was two, everything from tap to ballet. She puts (more...)

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College Kids Might Not Be as Bad With Credit Cards as You Think

3 out of 4 college students say they pay off their balances each month.

When people think of credit cards and college students, they don’t often conjure up an image of a responsible young adult, either because of stereotypes they’ve (more...)

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Let Me Find You $400

Today’s morning television anchors are all aghast over a recent report that the average American would be hard hit if a $400 emergency hit today.

A headline from The Washington Post online:


“The shocking number of Americans who can’t (more...)

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Top 5 Budgeting Apps of 2016

This post appeared first on The Savvy Scot

Saving, future planning to be specific is a uniquely humane aspect. We flaunt this skill gloriously while saving/controlling our money expenses with budgeting.

But budgeting is a tad bit time consuming, plus (more...)

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3 Tips To Save Money For A Rainy Day Or Fund Other Goals

If you want to stop dipping into your emergency fund for non-emergencies or avoid coming up short month after month with little left over to fund your goals, here are some strategies to implement if you tend to not have (more...)

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4 Financial Tradeoffs Parents are Making for Their Families

His son is only two-and-a-half years old, but Myron Lo, the 39-year-old vice president for innovation at ZipRealty, already has at least three plans in place to pay for college in 2025. Between the college savings fund he and his (more...)

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Parents are willing to make this major sacrifice to pay for their kids’ college

A large share of parents is willing to give up a lot so their kids can go to college, including their golden years.

More than three-quarters of parents say they would delay their retirement to pay for their kids’ college, (more...)

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Do You Keep Money Secrets From Your Kids?

It’s six o’clock, the pizza delivery boy is on his way, and you just remembered you forgot to stop at the ATM on your way home from work. Hectic days happen and we have certainly all forgotten to withdraw cash (more...)

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