What Is “The Family Bank Game”?

The Family Bank Game is a highly interactive, fun, and educational two-day immersive event played in a live setting with other participants. Game players, both individuals and families, learn proven strategies that have been used for hundreds of years by some of the richest families in the world.

We chose to use a game-based learning method due to the level of engagement and motivation it generates with the attendees. The proven and powerful strategies that are taught at the event are meant to be implemented, not simply memorized as with traditional learning. Learning to us means allowing our attendees to acquire the powerful skills and thought processes needed to implement these strategies in their lives right away. The ability for attendees to leave our event with the skills to immediately implement the family bank concept in their lives was our top priority, and one we are excited to have achieved.

We are often asked if “The Family Bank Game” is just a simple board game, or financial services, or some business opportunity. In fact, it’s none of these. It’s a game-based learning event where a group of adults (both young and old) get together, have fun, run around, laugh a lot, and end up learning very powerful skills that they can implement immediately.


The term “game” should not be the focus here, it’s simply the mechanism used to facilitate learning. We chose to go with the game-based learning format as the most effective way to reach our goal of impacting one-million people in 60 months. Impacting people’s lives by just sharing information is not IMPACTING. Impacting is giving them the skills and resources they need to actually IMPLEMENT.

While skepticism is completely natural for some first time attendees, we see those attitudes swiftly change as the game-based learning takes place. Within just a few hours, skepticism is replaced by fun, followed quickly by enlightenment. In fact, most people end up asking their families to come back and attend this game-based learning event. All of our volunteers that come back play various roles in the game to get a different perspective. All of our trainers and hosts were once attendees themselves, and were so inspired by their life-changing experience that they joined us in making a difference.

The question is, are YOU ready to have some fun? Then come on by and say hello. Register for an event happening near you. Help us achieve our goal of IMPACTING 1,000,000 lives, and in turn, impact the lives of others.