The Family Bank Strategy

As a company, we were seeking a strategy that would have a major impact on families’ lives. After years of searching and researching, we found a 200-year old strategy that could transform families’ lives plus a LOT more. Here are just some of the many benefits you will gain from this strategy:

family bank strategy process

So what is this strategy exactly?

The strategy is called “The Family Bank” and is based upon leveraging the benefits that exist within banks and their strategies today. It is referred to as a “bank” because it mimics the workings of a traditional bank for the sole benefit of a family. Its prime existence is for funding the various needs of the family and its future generations. It turns out that when you run your finances in the form of a bank, there are some major advantages that are not always obvious. In fact, it’s through the playing of The Family Bank “game” that attendees start discovering the innate power of the strategy.

Here’s a little more detail on how it works. The Family Bank strategy calls for the use of various “vaults”, “processes” and “borrowers.” Vaults are where the money is physically stored, whether in a checking account at the local bank or under the mattress at home. Processes are various strategies that help increase yields (returns) as the money “moves” in loans. These strategies, in turn, allow for the compounding effect of money in the family “bank.” Borrowers are family members/friends that participate in the family bank and can borrow money from the family bank instead of traditional financial institutions. Financial institutions still play a large role, but it’s important to know when to use your family bank and when to use financial institutions.

These 3 things, “vaults”, “processes” and “borrowers”, when combined form a very powerful financial strategy that benefits families immensely.

But we are just scratching the surface here. Regular family meetings for the benefit of the family bank is where the “real” wealth starts forming. This is how families pass on the INTELLECT from parents to children and grandchildren. Furthermore, it brings the families together and forms some powerful synergies. As a result, young adults build more confidence in the handling of real-life situations and finances making future generations more independent and financially secure.

Another huge benefit of the family bank is access to and control of money. Immediate access to funds gives the family the opportunity to take advantage of major discounts and good deals, while the ever-growing amount of money in the family bank gives the family peace of mind and financial security knowing they have the funds necessary for emergencies.

This potential compounding growth of assets (financial, intellectual and relationship) makes the family bank a very compelling strategy for families to adopt. In fact, as previously stated, this strategy as a whole with all of its benefits is one of the most powerful and effective strategies for families today.

Where does the challenge lie?

The challenge we have found is that many books out there with similar concepts identify certain financial products, such as trusts and insurance products, as being the family bank. These books are written to promote specific financial products (which we don’t do), but more importantly, they are missing the big picture. The family bank is so much more!

The family bank has incredible benefits, but to realize these benefits a family must actually IMPLEMENT it and MAINTAIN it. It’s through the ongoing use and running of the family bank that other benefits will be discovered and various financial products/strategies added to enhance it. That’s precisely our goal in our event, working to give families and individuals the skills needed to start running and maintaining their family bank the correct way. We do NOT offer any financial or legal services, we are strictly an educational company, which allows us to build trust with our students, but also allows us to work closely with other service companies to help families achieve their goals. We do not take any commissions or referral fees because it breaks the trust we have and creates a conflict of interest. Our business relationship is strictly based on sponsorship which is always disclosed, and allows us to reach more people and share this information with the world.

So how did we exactly discover this strategy?

The Rothschilds started this concept in the 1700s. This is the reason their wealth has been passed from generation to generation, not only the financial wealth, but also the intellectual wealth. We further found out that certain families have implemented this around the world with great success, including right here in the United States. We showcase one such family in our events as a case study for discussion.

Our founder, George Antone is another great example. It’s through his dad, who involved him at a young age (15 years) in his businesses and financial decisions, that George acquired the intellectual, relationship, and financial assets to succeed. When George was 18 years old, his dad passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack, and George as the oldest in his family, along with his mother and 2 younger brothers, was able to step in and keep the businesses and financial assets working due to the “family bank” that they never understood at the time was the secret of their success. It gave George the confidence to make big decisions later in life that would impact both his family and other people.

However, even with all these benefits, the biggest advantage of this strategy is its potential to start a movement of families helping families around the world. That is our goal as a company – to create a movement of people helping people starting with the family bank strategy. It’s our gift to the world.

Attend one of our events and find out how you can join us in this massive worldwide movement.