Why Game-Based Learning?

How much did you “invest” in college, and how much do you recall from that “investment”?

That’s the result of the traditional method of learning!

If there were a way for you to engage in and have control over your learning experience within risk-free hypothetical situations, would you take that chance? Or would you stick to traditional methods of learning such as reading a book and attempting to apply concepts to real life situations?

board game

Game-Based Learning offers an unconventional approach to traditional learning by changing the way we comprehend and retain information. Unlike traditional learning, Game-Based Learning actively engages the student in a fun, risk-free environment where a person’s experience can be translated to real life situations. Because you are placed in an environment that requires taking action and confronting immediate consequences, individuals are able to exercise their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Game-Based Learning promotes both individual and communal growth; we develop a greater sense of self-worth while building stronger bonds within a community, in order to achieve a common goal. As a result, individuals learn more about themselves and their peers while wanting to learn instead of being obligated.

In short, Game-Based Learning builds “muscle-memory” that becomes part of you, part of your automatic “reflex”, the type you need for real-life skills.

Since the purpose of Game-Based Learning is to make acquiring and retaining information more accessible, it is one of the most effective ways to learn complex topics including financial strategies. The foundation of The Family Bank was created based on the principles of Game-Based Learning, where we believe learning should be a chosen experience, not a duty. When experiencing The Family Bank, it is crucial to have our students take away and implement the life-changing skills they learn in order to better their lives and families/community.

The proven and powerful strategies that are taught at the Family Bank event are meant to be implemented, not simply memorized as with traditional learning. The ability for attendees to leave our event with the skills to immediately implement the Family Bank concept in their lives was our top priority, and one we are excited to have achieved.