What is The Family Bank?

The Family Bank is a two-day event that helps people learn and incorporate an amazingly effective financial strategy.

It’s based on principles and techniques that have been used by the ultra-wealthy for over 200 years, but which are applicable to all families, regardless of their means. The Family Bank is not an investment conference or an insurance seminar, there will be no pitch or “upsell.” It’s just a surprisingly fun way to learn financial tools that can change your family’s financial situation for the better.


It was developed based on scientifically-proven research that people learn more from engaging, interactive experiences than from traditional teaching methods. It’s not a board game. It’s an opportunity for families to learn, practice, and integrate the tools we introduce during the event. In addition to the educational benefits, we find that families laugh, cooperate, and communicate in a way they rarely do—all while developing the skills to incorporate this powerful approach to family finances.

We even encourage you to bring your kids. We’ve had attendees as young as nine years old—and they were active participants. This is the broader value of The Family Bank: it creates generational wealth, not just in money, but in communication, collaboration, and the deeper values we all hope to pass on to our children.

With uncertainty plaguing the global financial markets, cycles of boom and bust in the stock market and housing market, and many Americans deeply in debt to credit cards and lenders, many families feel overwhelmed. Chances are, when you watch the news or open your bank statements, you feel the same way. The Family Bank helps people take back control of their financial lives—and actually have fun while they do it!

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